Monday, 21 February 2011

Zoya - Charla + stamping

Ladies and gentlemen (?) I'm  introducing you my favorite nail polish! ♥

This is my first Zoya polish and even my favourite polish. Ok, it has a lot of dupes: OPI - catch me in your net, Essence - choose me, Orly - Halley's comet, Jesse's Girl - glee, Wet N Wild - teal of fortune and blah blah blah... After trying this color I immediately understood the reason for all these dupes: this shade wins! I'm pretty bad in english language, and I would write in my language to express myself properly and inventing a lot of compliments for this polish. *breath* Duochrome effect is amazing: sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes both, always sparkling, always stunning and catching and... AND! Zoya's formula is very good, too, and the brush is small but tough, so precision is garanteed. I have just one lack for this polish to mention: it made some nails yellow, although only at the surface; but this is a problem I noticed for all my Zoya polishes, maybe they are very pigmented and my nails are sensitive to this... By the way, a must have to love!!!
I bought this silver chrome polish only for stamping, and it does its job perfectly.
The design was smaller than you can see on my pics, but I multiplied the design for a better "forest" effect ^__^
This design is on image plate I bought from an italian eBay seller. You can buy it from Mary Nail Shop. Some of her plates are inspired from Konad designs, but a lot of them has got original designs. The quality is variable, you have to try them, but the price is very very very low!

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