Monday, 21 February 2011

China Glaze - Atlantis

When My friend Angela went to USA, we we have plundered 8ty8beauty, one of the best online polish store. The service isn't fast, it's WARP; the catalogue is huge; and prices are a dream. International fees are very expensive, so we made use of the trip to save a lot of money and buying a lot of polishes! YAY!

Video is a bit unfocused to see the holo glitter effect better! ^__^

How much pretty is this pretty polish?!?!? IT'S PRETTY PRETTY, INFACT! I was hoping it was more opaque, but I have so many colors suited for it that this isn't a problem at all. Holo glitters are always beautiful, but they become special under artificial lights. They seem a sparkling starry sky, but more colorful, a lot more colorful! A polish for special days, when you need to feel yourself special, too. ;)

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