Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A-England - Camelot + Jesse's Girl - Confetti 1st version

I made this mani the 11th of February, but... Here I am, at least! :P
● JESSE'S GIRL - CONFETTI 1st version
I love polishes with "cute little worms" glitters, but this one, as I've seen on this Chloe's post, it's totally for me! Bright blue sky and fuchsia together win. In these pics it doesn't show all its beauty, I'm very sorry for this, but when I made this mani I didn't feel very well so the application paid the price for this. Sorry. Anyway, I think it's still a beautiful and unique polish, very funny, too! I discovered this polish wasn't the only one called Confetti fromt the same brand, but the girl who I've swapped with, also found for me the other one, that's going to be the topic of my next post! ;)
I'm always very careful about which creme worths a purchase: bases are important, ever, for every things in your life, nails are not an exception. I wanted to try the great quality of this brand with a polish to use as a base color, and I'm not disappointed at all: Camelot is flawless, just flawless.


  1. E' più forte di me, ma i vermetti mi impressionano ;___; Aspetto però con trepidazione Camelot + confetti 2 versione ;-)

  2. Le pagliuzze mi fanno impressione. Però è un bel colore!

  3. This nail polish is gorgeous

  4. ahhh! so freaking cool, beautiful and awesome in one bottle! i could so go for this one! do i need to tell you how much i love glitter??
    i'm fainting here!//Azure

  5. Anonymous14/3/12 19:47

    Slurp! Chimatemi golosa, ma i confetti del topepr mi ricordano la codetta che si mette sulla glassa. Ri-slurp!

  6. Woah both are great!

  7. I vermetti (o peletti) non fan per me, anche se devo dire che questo layering fa la sua porca figura!


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