Sunday, 19 February 2012


My cousin and I we bought few items in December taking advantage from the offer 17,50 euros of products + free shipping + mystery box. Here we go with my choices and what was into our mystery box. 
- E.L.F. Essentials - Mechanical Eyelash Curler: very cheap, comfortable grip, it's not broken, yet, but doesn't curl eyelashes as much as my previous curler. Cute but maybe not so useful. :/
- E.L.F. Studio - Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara: actually I'm not sure this mascara extends and expands for real the lashes, because my eyelashes are already long and thick and very black, but the waterproof thing... Oh! I finally found a real waterproof mascara: you can apply this mascara and, in case you blink by mystake one second after the application, you will not have black spots all around; you can forget your mascara when you go to sleep and the next morning you'll be still perfect... Amazing, really. No other words. My mascara for life. I need for stocks! A+ with all my heart!
- E.L.F. Mineral - Booster in Sheer: this is the first powder of my entire life, so I cannot claim to give you an opinion. I bought it because I've read a lot of very good reviews, but I need for more and more time before I can really understand its quality. Sorry, I'm useless forthis... :P
- E.L.F. Holiday 2011 - 6 pcs Eyeshadow Palette in Natural: *breath* I was in love with the colors of this mini and cute palette, but I have to admit this wasn't a good purchase... The eyeshadows just don't write... You need to wet them and work them pretty much, for a final result disappointing, however. I paid it half then its price, only 2 euros, but I'm sad anyway, because I did really fall in love with the colors at first sight. ç__ç I thought: even the quality was bad, I could customize the palette for my lipsticks, at least... But I can't do that, either: also the packaging is pretty cheap... You're lucky this was a limited edition and I'm unlucky that the same palette of the past holiday (xmas of 2010) was a lot better. *sigh* Wait! The brush is useful for small corrections with concealer, at least. ;P
- E.L.F. Holiday 2011 - Beauty on the Go in day to Night: these ones were a lot better, luckily!!! Don't you expect fireworks on your face, no, please, resize your expectations; but these palettes are a good solution for an easy make-up. Half of shades are not well pigmented and they are quite invisible on your skin, but those ones are good? They are really pretty. I'm especially in love with the blush of the night palette and few of the shimmers from both palettes. The lipglosses are almost lipsticks, this was another good surprise. Important thing! ELF is releasing storage cases for this kind of palettes, but I've found a hygienic and comfortable and easy and FREE solution: put the second palette inverted in the transparent plastic case and cut all around. I can't understand the thrauma in the blogosphere for the lack of another case... Really, I can't... XD

- Nail Art Sakura: Nfu.Oh - 59
A cherry jelly base + flakies, pretty close to my new Barielle - Elle's Spell
- My Lucid Bubble: Amour - Rain Glitter
One of my lemmings that screams Carnival!!! I love it!
Such an interesting discover! Very close to Orly - Iron Butterfly I would a lot
- The Swatchaholic: Chanel - Peridot and its dupes
Finally a complete comparison for the big trend of these past months
SpaRitual is a brand that intrigue me, this collection is another crush for me: especially Shooting Star!
This week I link 4 very simple nail arts, but with color or finish combos that win for many reasons: a simple idea for a great result!
- Neglelakkmani: Tape stripes mani
- LovebeanGirl: Pop stripes and stars
- Chloe's Nails: Matte Checkers
An interesting poll with a lot of categories to check recent nail trends
I'm so in love with this yummy posts, and I envy German girls a lot, too ;P

That's all for this week. See ya! ^__^/


  1. Ahahahaha la soluzione per la palette day to night è favolosa!! Peccato per il piega ciglia e per l'altra palette :/

  2. Ma che belli alcuni smalti della Twinkle collection by SpaRitual (i primi 3 in particolare)! *_*

    Invece, nonostante nella rewiev dicano che i péridot dupes non sono poi così uguali... Io li vedo praticamente tutti identici! XD Contando pure che non hanno contato gli scarabei Deborah... 'Sta nuance continua ad avere un successo strepitoso! ;-)


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