Tuesday, 15 March 2011

False nails... Surprise! *__*

First of all: sorry for quality of these photos, but my camera was broken those days and my cellphone doesn't make good pics from small distance.
Recently I'm a bit annoyed because my nails are very weak and I have to keep them very very very veeeery short. It can't be helped, since this is a conseguence from some health's problems, so I must to be patient... This is why I wanted to try false nails, once at least, and I was so satisfy that I'll surely stock them for the future, even for making nail art experiments. ;D
P.S. stripes in 5th and 6th pics are made with the scotch tape technique, but I'll speak about that next time ;)
First of all, I prefer pre-glued nails than tips with a glue bottle apart, because I always pay attention to aggressive ingredients, and I don't like so much what you can find into glues for false tips. Pre-glued nails have a kind of thin layer of bi-adeshive scotch tape on their b-side, that goes away in simple warm water. No need for nail polish removers or other solvents. Good thing.
Secondly, these nails seems real for real, but only indoor. You can see they are false in sunlight, instead. For this reason I prefer to paint them, especially with dark colors: in this way you can't see differences from natural nails! ;D
I'm envy about girls who has nails so strong they can keep this length naturally. Envy envy envy, I couldn't stop to stare at my nails, so pretty, so envious :°)
A dark teal polish I love a lot. No more words. Teal. I'm weak in front of this word. Teal. *drooling*
This was my first Zoya polish and even my favourite polish ever. Ok, it has a lot of dupes: OPI - catch me in your net, Essence - choose me, Orly - Halley's comet, Jesse's Girl - glee, Wet N Wild - teal of fortune and blah blah blah... After trying this color I immediately understood the reason for all these dupes: this shade wins! I'm pretty bad in english language, and I would write in my language to express myself properly and inventing a lot of compliments for this polish. *breath* Duochrome effect is amazing: sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes both, always sparkling, always stunning and catching and... AND! Zoya's formula is very good, too, and the brush is small but tough, so you cane be precise in application. As you can see, amazing for layering, too!
I received this black polish for xmas and I think it has a very good matte formula, also perfect for stamping nail.

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